Discover Your Career at Pelican

At Pelican, we believe our employees are the core of our business. We are committed to providing a comprehensive rewards package that helps our employees achieve personal success and well-being. Employee health and welfare is a primary value at Pelican.

We celebrate adventure.  We salute those who live life to the fullest.  We honor those who risk everything to save others.  We admire the tenacity and diligence of those who research ways to wipe out disease.  Whether its law enforcement professionals, biomedical engineers, extreme sports enthusiasts or just plain everyday folk looking for a weekend adventure—our customers demand the best when it comes to protective cases and lighting solutions. 

To support such a diverse group of customers, Pelican employees have learned to embrace new challenges and go the extra mile to meet our customers’ needs.  Pelicans are flexible, adaptable, collaborative and passionate -- passionate about the products we make and the services we provide.  We take our work seriously—but we also love to have fun and enjoy one another’s company.  Our employees are dedicated—to one another and to the Pelican brand.

Discover Your Career at Pelican

  • Great Benefits!

    Pelican has great benefits for all its employees around the world

    For our employees outside of the US, supplemental medical, dental, life and health insurance is provided wherever possible to enhance national programs already in place. 

    For USA employees, there is an HMO or PPO plan that will suit everyone’s needs, as well as dental, vision, life, LTD, flexible spending accounts, employee assistance programs, and a variety of voluntary insurances including Identity Theft Protection and Pet insurance plans! 

  • Professional Growth & Development

    Pelican strongly believes that on-the-job training and formal education has a positive impact on an employee’s professional growth and future contribution to the Company.

    Pelican supports self-development and educational efforts by providing access to numerous on-line programs through Pelican University and also has a formal program in place to cover many of the expenses associated with continuing education courses, including advanced certifications and degrees.

  • Time Away From Work

    Pelican has a very generous vacation and holiday plan for all its employees around the world.  Pelican recognizes the importance of time away from work for employees to have opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits.

    Our time away from work policies vary by location, but generally include vacation (also referred to as Paid Time Off (PTO) or Annual Leave), Holidays and Paid Sick Leave. 

    Pelican also provides leave for bereavement, jury duty/court appearances, and voting and also complies with all jurisdictionally mandated leave requirements.

  • Preparing for Retirement

    Pelican encourages all its employees to have a long-term plan in place so that retirement is something to look forward to without financial worries or stress. 

    Pelican participates in country-specific retirement programs and offers supplemental plans for those countries where national plans are not offered. 

    In the USA, UK and Canada for example, Pelican has established formal retirement programs where Pelicans are encouraged to defer a percentage of their earnings and Pelican provides a competitive match.  On-line and on-site programs are offered to Pelicans to help educate and prepare them for retirement.