Our Story

With more than 40 years of creating the toughest and most dependable products on the market, Pelican reigns as the global leader in the design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. Our products are depended on by professionals in the most demanding markets.

Pelican’s 200,000 square feet corporate headquarters, located in Torrance, CA serves as the home office for nearly 1,300 employees worldwide. In addition to operating in 21 countries with 28 offices worldwide, Pelican also maintains six manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Australia.

Our Values

Raise the Bar
Drive constant improvement and innovation.

Exceed Expectations
In the quality and performance of our products and in service to our customers.

Do the Right Thing
Operate with integrity and respect when dealing with our co-workers, customers, partners, community, and the environment.

Walk the Talk
Keep our promises and hold ourselves and teammembers accountable.

Enjoy the Ride
Bring joy, passion, and pride to everything we do, and the results will follow.

Our Mission

Drive profitable growth and create a dynamic, rewarding work environment for our employees while providing our customers around the world with quality products and services they can count on to protect their valuable assets.

Our Vision

Protecting all that you value.

To learn more about our history, visit Pelican.com

  • Pelican was founded in 1976 by Dave and Arline Parker in their garage. An avid Scuba diver, Dave recognized the need for rugged flashlights and cases and set out to build a better product.

    After years of hard work, Pelican Products became a reality with its first product patent, the Pelican Float™. The legendary SabreLite™ flashlight and Protector Cases soon followed. 

  • Pelican’s product line and company grew steadily over the years and, in 2004, the company was acquired by private equity firm Behrman Capital. The company experienced an incredible growth trend under a new CEO, Lyndon Faulkner, who was appointed in 2006. 

    2008 was a banner year that saw Pelican execute an aggressive growth strategy highlighted by international expansion and acquisitions. With the purchase of its nearest case competitor, Hardigg Industries, Pelican doubled the size of their operation overnight, making it the largest manufacturer of equipment protection cases in the world. 

  • Throughout 2011 to present, Pelican’s international expansion continues with the opening of sales offices in South Korea, Israel, India, Turkey, UAE, South Africa and Mexico. In 2012, Pelican introduced a wide range of consumer products.

    The company also introduced a line of temperature-controlled transport cases. They acquired the industry’s leading manufacturers of temperature controlled shipping containers, Minnesota Thermal Science (US in 2013) and Cool Logistics (UK in 2014) and integrated them to create Pelican BioThermal™ - the largest temperature controlled case manufacturer in the world.