Discover your career at Pelican---where the journey is as important as the destination.

We celebrate adventure.  We salute those who live life to the fullest.  We honor those who risk everything to save others.  We admire the tenacity and diligence of those who research ways to wipe out disease.  Whether its law enforcement professionals, biomedical engineers, extreme sports enthusiasts or just plain everyday folk looking for a weekend adventure—our customers demand the best when it comes to protective cases and lighting solutions. 

To support such a diverse group of customers, Pelican employees have learned to embrace new challenges and go the extra mile to meet our customers’ needs.  Pelicans are flexible, adaptable, collaborative and passionate -- passionate about the products we make and the services we provide.  We take our work seriously—but we also love to have fun and enjoy one another’s company.  Our employees are dedicated—to one another and to the Pelican brand. 

We invite you to learn more about the Pelican organization and explore the many opportunities that go with working at such a great company.

  • The culture here at Pelican is what is most special.  We have a team atmosphere where everyone is willing to support each other.  It's pretty impressive to work for a company that has a CEO who greets everyone when he arrives and leaves for the day.  Things like that make employees feel important.

    We also make great products.  Our customers give us positive feedback about our products--especially the military.  Soldiers can rely on our products to protect their equipment which helps them get their jobs done.  It's great that I work for a company that manufactures the majority of our products in the USA.    

    --Lisa Ramirez, Direct Government Sales Contracts & Programs Manager

  • I have grown up with Pelican - I've been here 32 years and when I was first hired, Pelican only had 25 employees in a small shop on Jefferson Street in Torrance.  In fact, I was here when we got our 1st molding machine!  Now we're at 1500 employees and we have facilities around the world. 

    I started on the Assembly line and Hot Stamp area, but when Pelican realized I had an interest in maintenance and repairs, they sent me for training in different trades:  electrical, HVAC and plumbing.  I've been in the Facilities Maintenance department ever since.  Everything has been good for me since the day I started working at Pelican.

    --Severo Torres, General Maintenance Worker

  • I have had the pleasure of serving in the Pelican organization for 26 years, and during that time I have been provided the opportunities to develop, grow and provide continued value during my tenure with the business. 

    There are many aspects that contribute to Pelican's success, including visionary leadership, strategic planning and continuing commitment to invest in the development of employees for future growth.  Working at Pelican has never been just a job, but more of an ongoing adventure.

    Thanks Pelican!

    --Tony Liddell, Quality Assurance - ISO Manager